Kool Keith's Crew Strong Arm Club

In a bizarre incident, rapper Kool Keith's entourage,

Tim Dog, Mark Live and Jacky Jasper fled a San Francisco nightclub on Wednesday

(Nov. 20) with the club's earnings. Kool Keith's manager later returned the

money and apologized.

According to DaveyD.com,

Kool Keith never showed up to a scheduled performance at Slims nightclub. After

Keith's crew spent time on stage warming up the audience, they that Keith was

arrested on Mission Street. After the announcement they allegedly ran off with

the club receipts, boarded their tour bus and left.

The patrons of the club, who paid $20 to see

the show, stood stunned as the house lights came on.

According to Davey D., a doorman said that the

group strong armed the club, making off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The club offered everyone in the club a free ticket to any future show at slims

to compensate for the losses.

Keith and crew returned the money after learning

that the police were called. The police have no arrest record on file for Kool

Keith. Keith also offered to do a free show at Slim's to make up for the chaos.