Kool Keith To Guest Edit Spin Magazine


hip-hop innovator Kool Keith will guest edit Spin.com, Spin magazine's

home on the Web, for five consecutive days, beginning Monday,

February 14th. Kool Keith is Spin.com's first-ever guest editor,

and his five-day post marks the first time the content of a major

music Website has been turned over to an artist. The former Keith

Thorton, Kool Keith emerged in the late 1980's as a founding member

of the legendary Bronx, New York-based Ultramagnetic MC's. Making

their mark with unique lyrical stylings and a significant underground

cachet, the Ultramagnetic MC's created such hip-hop masterworks

as "Critical Beatdown," "Funk Your Head Up,"

and "The Four Horsemen" before they disbanded.

Since then, Kool Keith

has recorded several critically acclaimed albums under pseudonyms,

such as: Dr. Octogon ("Dr. Octagonynocologist," Dreamworks

1997), Dr. Doom ("First Come, First Served," Funky Ass

Records 1999) and as his original alias Kool Keith ("Sex

Style," Funky Ass Records 1997; "Black Elvis/Lost In

Space," Columbia 1999). Log on to Spin.com Monday, February

14th through Friday, February 18th for Kool Keith's daily musings

including; a laundry list of Kool Things, must-see daily greetings,

album reviews, downloadable music bytes and random bits and other