Krayzie Bone Dropping His Own Sneaker

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Krayzie Bone is the newest

Hip-Hop star to step into the tennis-shoe game with his new sneaker called the

“Thugline Classics.”

Krayzie explained to that the initial response from the shoe

has been great.

“I just saw the first sample of it the other day and it’s looking

good," Krayzie Bone told "They took polls of the anticipation

of the shoes, and it’s been getting good scores.”

Scheduled to be released in August, the Cleveland native said that he’s

excited for this new venture and will be hitting the road to promote it.

“I’ll be doing a promotional run in August, going around to all

the shoe stores," Krayzie told

Krayzie is the latest rapper to receive a shoe deal, joining Game, who will

be releasing his “Hurricane” while 50 Cent and Jay-Z who both have

had recent success with their Reebok campaigns.

According to Krayzie, with

a little love, he’ll fit in just fine. “[My

shoe is] up there with a lot of big names, so hopefully people pick it up when

they get in the stores,” Krayzie said.

The “Thugline

Classics” will be distributed through Authentic. For a sneak peek at the

shoe, you can go to