Krayzie Bone Responds To Arrest Warrant, Dismisses 'Dead Beat' Dad Allegations

Krayzie Bone of Bone

Thugs-N-Harmony has promptly responded to reports that an arrest warrant was issued

Wednesday (Feb. 24) for the rapper after he failed to attend a scheduled plea

hearing in Butler County, Ohio.

Krayzie Bone, whose real

name is Anthony Henderson, has been confronted with charges of child support

non-payment of his 6-year-old son in Ohio for the last three years.

Assistant Prosecutor Aaron

Aldridge requested a warrant for Krayzie's arrest after the rapper reportedly

missed a plea hearing in Butler County Common Pleas Court Wednesday.

"When I found out,

I quickly contacted the courts to arrange to turn myself in to avoid any further

discrepancies in the case," Krayzie told "I'm not running

nor hiding from the law. It was simply a misunderstanding of whether I was supposed

to appear again after the paternity [of the child] was determined."

Krayzie was indicted last

August on two counts of nonsupport of dependents, after which he placed $40,000

in an escrow account for the mother of his son.

The money was released to

the mother after paternity tests confirmed that Krayzie was the boy's father.

"I just simply needed

to know if this was in fact my son, because unfortunately there are many women

who prey on entertainers such as myself," said Krayzie of the paternity


"After the funds were

released, it was to my understanding that the non-support case would be dismissed,"

Krayzie continued. "However, I was contacted by my California [attorney]

telling me that I was supposed to appear in court on February 23 and a warrant

was issued for failure to appear."

Boiling the situation down

to a misunderstanding, Krayzie insists that he is a responsible father despite

the charges.

"Just to let everybody

know, Krayzie Bone is far from a dead beat dad," the rapper insisted. "I

take care of all [my kids] and love 'em all!"

Krayzie Bone's

third solo album titled Gemini: Good vs. Evil was released earlier

this month.