Krayzie Bone To Release Ghetto Cowboy


Bone is working on developing his movie,

"Ghetto Cowboy," which is based on a song

off his 1999 album, Thug Mentality. The movie

will see Krayzie starring as Sawed-Off Slim, who he

calls a Robin Hood styled outlaw. The plot centers around

Krayzie, who is a fugitive from justice and on a quest

to find a hidden treasure.

''When I

was younger I used to love watching Western movies,

they were the shit!'' Krayzie said. While Krayzie hasn't

cast the movie as of yet, he is looking beyond using

just rappers. "I could see Da Brat and Ice Cube

starring in certain roles, but I am not just going to

use just rappers. I wanna use some serious actors for

the movie, because I am serious about the project."


Bone also is excited about releasing the soundtrack

to the movie as well. "Wait til yall hear the soundtrack

to the movie," Krayzie said. "Hip-Hop mixed

with Country. It's gonna happen, yall just better be

ready for it."

The movie

has drawn serious attention from Hollywood and he hopes

to get production underway before the end of this year.