KRS One & Mad Lion Form Double Trouble

Veteran rapper KRS-One and reggae artist Mad Lion

have joined forces and created a new group, Double Trouble.

"They have worked together on this project

for almost a year, writing and creating," KRS' publicist Will Banister


KRS, who was traveling, could not be reached

for comment.

Banister said that the two have recorded songs

with Barrington Levy, Da Brat, Edley Shine from Born Jamericans and Macy Gray.

"A lot of people forget that KRS is a very

accomplished producer. They have been working together for years and they have

had a lot of success, together and individually," Banister said.

The unfinished album has yet to find a home,

a concern that doesn't bother KRS. He is deciding whether to seek major backing

or take the independent route.

In June, KRS filed an injunction against Koch

Records, from releasing what has been labeled unfinished demos. KRS succeeded

in blocking the release and according Banister, the split was amicable.

"KRS is totally free from Koch and any label

situation and I think that's where this new energy comes from," Banister


The album is scheduled to hit stores next year.