KRS One Releases New Diss Song Against From MC Shan After Intimidating Phone Verse

KRS One has released a diss track against MC Shan after Shan reported that their "Bridge Wars" rap battle never happened on the Murder Master Music Show last week. According to Watchloud, Shan reported:

“Me and [KRS-One have] never battled, ever. I don’t care [what some say]; any Hip-Hop historian knows a battle is two cats on stage, doin’ what they do. I just went off on him a couple of months ago. He’s my man and all that, but yo, I’m tired of [KRS-One] sayin’ that [he] took me out, when you ain’t never did shit!”

The rapper then followed up by releasing a phone verse to once again challenge KRS One in a battle last week.

However, KRS then replied with his brutal diss record "Still Huggin' A Nut", which actually brings up the lost that MC Shan supposedly took 30 years ago during the Bridge Wars.

Check out the song below.

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