KRS-One Reveals Apathy of Conscious Rappers

As KRS-One prepares for his Stop the Violence Fundraising Concert on August 26th, the Blastmaster has revealed a surprising lack of support among Hip-Hop’s “conscious” emcees.

This past February, KRS-One received vocal contributions from over 50 rappers for the 2008 version of “Self Destruction,” the seminal 1989 all-star posse cut.

The modern version has confirmed verses from The Game, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Styles P, Cassidy, MC Lyte, Ne-Yo, David Banner, and one-time nemesis Nelly.

In a new feature on, KRS noted a lack of responsiveness from many “conscious” rappers he reached out to.

“I’m not gonna call no names but I called everybody to come out, conscious rappers included,” KRS informed “You know what the conscious community said? Oh KRS again, stop the violence, he needs to just retire, why is he still rhyming? That’s what I’m getting from the conscious community.”

KRS further elaborated that his biggest support has come from a trio of mainstream artists.

“Game is an intelligent black man, period. And when the call went out he was there,” KRS stated. “I want the most aggressive artists to be involved. I need 50 Cent and Fat Joe to come together, that’s what I need.”

KRS-One founded the Stop the Violence Movement in 1988 in response to the violence that plagued Hip-Hop and African-American communities.

KRS experienced personal tragedy with the shooting death of friend and Boogie Down Productions member Scott La Rock in 1987.

The loss inspired KRS to modify much of his gangsta rap content from his debut Criminal Minded to more political, Afrocentric lyrics as heard on By All Means Necessary (1988), Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip-Hop (1989), and Edutainment (1990).

The Stop the Violence Fundraising Concert at Madison Square Garden is scheduled to feature all 50 plus artists that have contributed to the 2008 remake.