KRS-One's "Steady Bounce" Tapped For Chrysler's SUV Commercials


2001 song "Steady Bounce" will serve as the theme music behind the new

marketing campaign for Chrysler's Compass SUV, that launches on July 31st.The

auto giant's multi-million dollar campaign is targeting city residents who are

college educated and between the ages of 22-30.The

Bronx-bred pioneer's song, taken from his double CD Strictly for the Breakdancers

& Emceez, is utilized in four 30-second television spots that feature

dozens of bobblehead characters.By

using Hip-Hop for the campaign, Chrysler Group executives have stated that they

are aiming to differentiate the Compass from larger Chrysler brands like the Jeep

Wrangler and Cherokee.In

support of the launch, Chrysler is making use of the Hip-Hop culture, relying

heavily on the Internet, fashion magazines and a bonus Jeep Compass "Uncharted"

music tour for unsigned artists.The

tour kicks off next month in New York.In

the fall, the Compass will also be integrated into MTV's Real World series

as the vehicle cast members drive.