KRS-One’s Stepson Commits Suicide

The son of Simone G. Parker and stepson of rapper KRS-One committed suicide last weekend after a lengthy bout with “severe depression.”Randy Hubbard Parker was found dead in his Atlanta apartment over the post-holiday weekend, where the Fulton County Atlanta Medical Center determined he took his own life.

Exactly how Randy took his life has not been released. He was 23 years old. Randy, born in Queens, New York, was a graphic designer entrenched in fashion.

He looked for employment in the Atlanta area at the time of his death, according to the family. KRS-One acted much like a biological father to Randy, according to friends close to the family. A private memorial will be held on July 18th, which would have been Randy’s 24th birthday.

“Kris and Simone Parker send their sincere appreciation to everyone who has already responded to the tragic news,” the couple said in a statement. KRS-One and Simone G. Parker have worked together as a married couple for several years.

Parker has even produced songs for the Hip-Hop icon’s albums and manages the rapper.

Additionally, she is involved in a number of endeavors of her own such as and has a clothing line.To send condolences, contact Shane Lynch at