KRS-One's TempleofHipHop Hosting Summit

Krs-One and his TempleofHiphop

will host the 9 Elemenets of the Hiphop Nation Summit in Miami Florida this week.

Krs will be in

the area to receive the 3rd Annual Billboard Pioneer Award during Billboard’s

awards show, which also takes place the same week as his summit.

The all-day event

is a day of workshops featuring Krs and admission is free to the general public.

In a press release,

the TempleofHipHop said the summit “is focused on the uplifting power

of the Hiphop movement and not caught up in any distractions that prevent Hiphoppas

from unifying a potentially productive Hiphop nation.”

According to Krs’

organization there are 9 elements of Hip-Hop culture. Emeecing, Djing, B-Boys,

B-Girls, Graffiti, street knowledge, street language, street fashion, beatboxing

and street entrepreneurialism.

Krs is currently

on tour to support his latest album, Keep Right. The 9 ELEMENTS of the Hiphop

Nation Summit takes place Sunday, August 8 in Miami, Florida.