KRS-One Sponsors Atlanta Hip-Hop Appreciation Week

AllHipHop Staff

KRS-One’s Temple of Hip-Hop has announced that this year’s Hip-Hop Appreciation Week will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

For 2009, organizers are touting “cooperation” as the main theme for Hip-Hop culture adherents to utilize in fighting to “de-criminalize the images of Hip-Hop that are portrayed by the mainstream media.”

Since Hip-Hop has its roots in block parties that required the participation of the entire community, The Temple of Hip-Hop aims to bring that same community awareness and involvement back to the culture.

“Now is the time, more than ever, for cooperation in our communities,” the organization explained in a statement. “The Hip Hop community should work together to organize our people, our knowledge and our resources as we continue to work through the challenges we are facing domestically and globally!”

In accordance to this mantra, organizers will be pushing attendees to network with each other, volunteer for non-profit agencies, promote the positivity of Hip-Hop, and start neighborhood watch/community beautification committees.

The Appreciation Week will run from May 15-24 in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, and feature open mics, youth seminars, volunteer walks, parent/child initiatives, and performances from KRS-One, B.o.B., Yella Wolf, and Playboy Tre.

For a full listing of events, click here.