Krumbsnatcha Filing Civil Lawsuit Against Police

Rapper Krumbsnatcha of the

Gang Starr Foundation was wounded in a hit and run following a dispute at a club

outside his native Boston and is now filing a civil lawsuit against police present

at the scene.

According to Krumb, born Sharief Haqquani, the episode occurred in front of

state troopers and the Leominster Police Department. Krumb alleges that police

were of no assistance.

“They witnessed this [hit and run] happen and they didn’t call

the ambulance to the scene,” Krumb told “They pretty

much made me get up and escorted me out of the city.”

Krumb has already obtained attorneys to investigate the situation. “I

feel my civil rights were violated,” he continued. “These guys have

arrested me before on fake warrants, towed my car and everything. I [went] to

court and there wasn’t even a warrant.”

Krumb had been involved in other incidents with the same police department

in the past and alleged that they wanted him out of town. “It’s

not even about not being allowed [back]. I’m not going period anyway,

just because it’s too much tension,” Krumb said. “I’ve

been having altercations with police in the Boston area for numerous events.”

The rapper further explained that a song on the Training Day soundtrack called

“W.O.L.V.E.S,” where he lyrically attacked law enforcement, may

have added to the friction.

According to Krumb, the hit and run incident on Oct. 28 occurred about 1: 30

a.m. during a listening party for his latest album Let the Truth Be Told,

released earlier this month. Krumb said an altercation broke out between partygoers

and Prynya Sommola, an owner of Krumb’s label Golden Eyes Entertainment.

As the fight intensified and spilled outside the club, Krumb said, he was hit

with a car by the party crew and driven down the road on the car’s hood.

The rapper injured both knees and slightly fractured the lower part of his right

leg, hampering his ability to walk.

Krumb, who lives in Miami, said his mother is currently caring for him and

his condition is improving.

As of now, Krumb’s upcoming projects include a mixtape album and a collaboration

album titled Experience with Florida producer Stix. The duo, called

The Experiment, expects to release the album next summer.

“It’s a whole different style. I’m experimenting more on

different sounds and maybe even more commercial records,” Krumb said.

“I’m just trying to go all out with this one.”

Krumb is also finishing up a new mixtape called "Reverse the Curse,"

hosted by DJ Chubby Chubbs, with material that didn’t make Let the

Truth Be Told.

The mixtape is expected to release in late December, early January.