Kurtis Blow Brings Hip-Hop To Church With TV Series

Legendary DJ/MC Kurtis Blow is bringing Hip-Hop to the church and to the small screen with the launch of the new television series Hip-Hop America.

In addition to broadcasting church services, the show will also feature live break-dancing, a youth choir and a surprise guest every week.

The series is produced by the California-based company, The Machine Productions (TMP).

Kurtis Blow, who hosts a youth service at Hood Memorial Church in Harlem, N.Y., assures that the series will be an exciting experience for all ages.

With his Harlem service, the Hip-Hop pioneer aims to attract a diverse group of children, adolescence, grandparents and parents.

Michael Reynolds, TMP CEO and co-founder, described the series as an "exciting opportunity to minister God's Word to those disenfranchised kids who may only hear it when it is presented within the music of Hip-Hop."