Kurtis Blow Inducted Into Bronx Walk of Fame

Hip-Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow

will be honored at a ceremony to forever solidify the emcee’s permanent

place in Hip-Hop by inducting him into the Bronx Walk of Fame.

The Bronx Walk of Fame honors

various people who have contributed to the Bronx’s legacy. Blow, despite

being from Harlem, was a fixture on the scene during the early development of

Hip-Hop in the Bronx from the 1970’s onward.

In 1979, Kurtis Blow became

the first rapper to be signed by a major label, after his independently released

hit “Christmas Rappin'," helped him land a deal with Mercury.

Mercury released “Christmas

Rappin” and it sold over 400,000 copies and became an annual classic.

Its follow-up “The

Breaks” helped ignite Hip-Hop on a global basis and earned Blow the first

certified Gold single by a rapper.

The award ceremony and unveiling

of Kurtis Blow's street sign takes place June 26th at 11AM @ 851 Grand Concourse

Bronx Supreme Court Building (161st Street & The Grand Concourse).

Other notables that have

been inducted include Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, KRS-One, boxer Jake

Lamotta, Colin Powell, Stanley Kubrick and others.