Kurtis Blow Produces 'Slippin - Ten Years with the Bloods'


icon Kurtis Blow has recently added 'producer' to his manylist of credits. Blow

serves as co-producer on the documentary, Slippin - Ten Years with the Bloods

currently airing on Showtime. The legendary rapper met Slippin director/producer

Tommy Sowards in L.A. over 20 years ago. The

two formed a friendship that led to numerous collaborations, eventually leading

to the project. Once

Blow introduced Sowards to Slippin' subject Jumbo, a Blood he came to know

through the recording studio he ran, filming began soon after."I

met Tommy while he was still a graduate student at UCLA Film School," Blow

said. "I was doing demos at my studio and met this one cat Jumbo. After I

recorded a song for him, he introduced me to his boys the Rollin 20's. I introduced

the 20's to Tommy and he wanted to do a documentary about them with another cat

for German TV. Filming went on for 10 years straight. It's basically a story about

these 5 cats in this gang and what they go through in ten years of gang activity

and gang life. It's really an incredible story. Its action packed, thrilling,

and really emotional."Sowards

and co-director Joachim Schroeder compiled over 160 hours of footage into the

films 84 minutes. Slippin

went on to be shown at festivals in Amsterdam, Chicago, and the renowned Tribeca

Film Festival before finding a home on Showtime. According

to director Shroeder, the goal was simple. "We

wanted to show a film that was saying something. MTV provides the glitz and glam.

We wanted to show someone with no money living at home with Grandma. We wanted

to show that not everyone makes it living in the gangsta world."With

a recently acquired distribution deal with Kino International Films, Slippin-Ten

Years with the Bloods will be on DVD in early 2007. Blow

says, "For those that haven't seen it, you are going to be blown away. It's

gonna change some lives. It really gives you that education that the 'life' only

leads to jail or death."