Kurupt Denies Abandoning Gail Gotti And Asks A Judge To Deny Support

Gail Gotti has incurable cancer as she fights her estranged husband Kurupt.

(AllHipHop News) Rap veteran Kurupt is fighting back in court against a nasty lawsuit claiming he abandoned his ex-wife as she fights terminal cancer.

The couple married amongst great fanfare from the Hip-Hop community in 2007, but they have been separated since 2017.

Rapper Gail Gotti recently filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband Kurupt, alleging he abandoned her as soon as she was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.

To make things worse, Gail said the Dogg Pound co-founder is refusing to provide any financial support.

Kurupt has denied all of the slanderous claims, stating Gail Gotti had already become involved in a new relationship after they separated in 2017.

In a new legal filing, Kurupt has denied that he abandoned Gail Gotti.

In fact, the rap star says they have been separated since 2017.

As for the money issues, Kurupt claims Gail Gotti diverted almost $65,000 of his royalites into her own account, and altogether, she still owes him a total of $175,000.

Gail Gotti is seeking over $14,000 a month in spousal support, which Kurupt has asked a judge to deny.