Kurupt Gets Engaged

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again, Kurupt, who prepares

to drop his third album, has shed his single status by recently

becoming engaged to Natina Reed of pop group Blaque. After

the end of his relationship with BK rapper Foxy Brown, Kurupt

says that Natina kept him concentrating on his dreams and

not pettiness. "She helps keep me on point," he

said. "She's in the music industry and knows a lot

about the game."

Kurupt and Natina

will go totally public once the first single drops from

his latest album, Space Boogie : Smoke Oddessey.

He also recorded the song, "Sunshine," dedicated

to Natina. (On her new song "7:30," Foxy Brown

has several choice words for Natina saying, among other

things, "His heart still belongs to me.")

Not ironically,

Kurupt says that the new album reflects his new found maturity.

"This album is more mature musically. I'm more or less

letting people into my mind," he said. That's why I

named this one Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey, because

it's a whole new realm that I've never been in. Along with

Natina, he says that Snoop Dogg also guided him to evolve.

"I talk to Snoop about life. Snoop made me realize

that there is a lot at stake now. I'm burnt out on all that

(wild living)," he said.

"It's Over,"

the first single off the album, features his fiancée

who actually raps on the second verse. She will also play

his love interest in the accompanying "Grease-styled"

video for the song. Currently, Kurupt is also working on

several film projects including "Plague Season,"

with Ving Rhames and "The Wash" with Dr. Dre and

Snoop Dogg.

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