Kutmasta Kurt Prepares 'Redneck Olympics'

Waxploitation Records

announced a deal with Kutmasta Kurt and out of the union will come Redneck

Olympics, a new album that includes rarities, b-sides and previously unreleased


Kutmasta Kurt is

known for his work with The Beastie Boys, Kool Keith, Dilated Peoples, Linkin

Park and others.

Redneck Olympics

features hard-to-find and unreleased tracks from Mos Def, Dilated People, Beastie

Boys, Mr. Life, Planet Asia, Blackalicious, Grand Agent, Kool Keith, Del tha

Funkee Homosapean, PMD and others.

“This is

a collection showcasing some of my best and favorite works,” Kutmasta

Kurt said. “The album ranges from songs by multi-platinum artists, to

a few groups you may not have heard of before. It took me many years of hard

work in the barn to put this here sonic hoedown together, so enjoy and doesy-doe

your partner.”

The album is slated

to hit stores before the New Year.