Kwame: Behind The Scenes

Rap pioneer Kwame

has returned to the front lines of the urban music industry by working behind

the scenes as Producer for platinum-selling artists such as Mary J. Blige and

LL Cool J.

Having sold over

three million albums worldwide, Kwame is familiar with what it takes to create

a strong street buzz. Currently, tracks produced by Kwame include: “10

Million Stars” on LL’s latest album 10 and an untitled track

featuring Cam’Ron on K Slay’s album soon to be released by Def Jam/Violator.

In 1989, Kwame

erupted onto the rap scene with his humorous, good-natured and intellectual

rhymes, not to mention his individual sense of fashion style. His signature

style turned Kwame into a household name amongst rap fans. By 1990, he produced

the remix of “Lies” for En Vogue, and in 1991, worked with BBD to

write their chart-topper “Poison.” In addition, Kwame wrote and performed

songs for such films as "Dancing in September" and "Ghetto Dog."

After releasing

his fourth album, Kwame took a few years off to redirect his talents by way

of music education for children. Most recently, Kwame has produced “Scared

of You,” which will appear on the soundtrack for 20th Century Fox film

"Drum Line" due out later this year.