Kyle Roasts Himself For An Awkward Photo Interaction With Ice Cube

"Yep, I really f-cked that up."

(AllHipHop News) A lot of celebrities seem to be driven mostly by ego, so it can come off as relatable when a famous person doesn't take himself or herself too seriously. SuperDuperKyle displayed that humility on his Instagram page.

The Light of Mine album creator uploaded a video of him preparing to take a photo with Hip Hop legend Ice Cube. As the two rappers posed for the flick, Kyle put his arm on Cube's shoulder which caused the N.W.A member to say, "Don't do that."

A visibly embarrassed Kyle responded, "That's not tight, okay." The clip also featured the California native providing a voice-over where he laments, "Yep, I really f*cked that up. Now I'll never be in the new Friday movie. Wow, I am dumb."

Kyle Harvey's awkward interaction may cost him the chance to be in the rumored Last Friday sequel, but there's always the hope that Netflix greenlights The After Party 2. He also has the upcoming Sugar and Toys animated series on Fuse.