L.A. County District Attorney Reinvestigate Cee Lo Green Rape Case

AllHipHop Staff

Cee Lo Green Could Be Prosecuted For 2012 Rape Case As L.A. District Attorney Reinvestigates

(AllHipHop News) Old news is could be a new headache for Cee Lo Green in the upcoming weeks. According to a report from TMZ, the L.A. County District Attorney are deciding whether to prosecute Cee Lo Green for allegedly raping a woman last year.

In October of 2012, TMZ reported that a woman filed a police report accusing the singer of sexual assault. According to the unnamed woman, she and Cee Lo were having drinks at a downtown L.A. restaurant in July of 2012 and the next thing she remembered was waking up naked with Cee Lo present in the room.

This story spun out of control when it was revealed that the woman and Cee Lo had been dating since February of 2012 with multiple reports informing TMZ that the woman had been actively searching for ways to coax Cee Lo into purchasing her expensive items.

Sources related to the case told TMZ that Cee Lo Green was on tape apologizing and mentioning MDMA (Ecstasy), however never admits to placing it in her drink.

The case was originally dismissed due to unsatisfactory evidence presented to the L.A. County District Attorney by the investigating agents. However, a five month reinvestigation ensued afterwards which included obtaining additional toxicology reports from the alleged victim as well as more witness reports.