La Chat Back With Fifth Album

Memphis Tennessee rapper and former Hypnotized Minds camp rapper La Chat has announced the release of her fifth solo album titled Da Hood Home Girl.

The album will be released independently on her own recently launched record label, Dime A Dozen Entertainment.

Da Hood Home Girl will feature appearances with former estranged group member Gangsta ‘Lady’ Boo, Pastor Troy, Murphy Lee, Criminal Manne, and Yung Kee, while K-Dubb, Lil Lody and legendary producer DJ Squeeky lend production to the album.

Da Hood Home Girl is due in stores July 22.

The full track listing for Da Hood Home Girl is listed below.

01. Intro 02. Bad Bitch 03. Oh Da Block 04. Truth Hurts 05. Da Dope 06. Slob On My Cat II 07. Keep It Moving 08. Real Recognize Real 09. Do Ya Dance 10. Ride Wit Me 11. Get Groovy 12. Catch A Murda Charge 13. Keep It Truck 14. Help Me 15. Savage 16. Can’t Stand Me (Bonus Track)