Labels File Lawsuit Against MP3Board.Com


labels have filed a copyright

infringement lawsuit against, which is an MP3 search

engine. The suit was filed Friday in US District Court for the

Southern District Of New York. It says that the site is "Cultivating

a huge network of computer users who seek to distribute their

own unauthorized MP3 sound recordings. Some of the labels leading

the latest witch hunt are: Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic Recording

Corp., and Elektra Entertainment Group. Capitol Records, BMG,

Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Hollywood

Records. The labels seek an injunction and damages that could

run as high as $150,000 per infringement. The latest suit comes

in retaliation for a lawsuit filed against the RIAA.

The RIAA sent the website a letter demanding that the site cease

its infringing conduct; the suit seeks a ruling that MP3Board's

service does not infringe on copyrights. In another blow to music

downloaders, word around the industry is that Napster is in talks

to settle with the Major labels to avoid an Injunction, and to

figure out a way to become profitable.