Ladies: Find You a "Tom Brady"

AllHipHop Staff

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If you build “him”, he will…

Tom Brady, NFL Quarterback, 3-time Superbowl Champion, Sex Symbol, a Supermodel’s husband, NERD.

Ladies love potential. Men are well aware of that. We understand that you want to be a part of something special and something you could be proud of. You want to be the strong woman behind (inspiration) your Knight in shining armor. Some women luck out in becoming a part of something special. Others find themselves with a man that won’t amount to much, and could secretly care less about it.

Those women complain loudly about their failure of a man; so full of potential he can’t fit in results. Which leads them into the “Ready-Made movement”. She wants a boss. He must fit her financial and superficial requirements to be in the running. She never ‘factors in’ the personality of a boss; his need for control, to do as he pleases because he knows it’s about the money and he doesn’t really care (yeah). His buries his secretary, regularly. And when you find out about it, he expects you to grin and bear it; the sex was business and so are you.

Let’s bring it back around to Tom Brady. Tom began his career as a 6th round draft pick. He was overlooked by every team, more than once. He believed in his abilities and never pounded his chest about it. Tom was the embodiment of potential. He was confident, not egotistical (boss). Once he received his chance to play, Tom never relinquished it. He wanted to be the best player in the NFL and became it. Because he was willing to be, listen up ladies, molded into that player. Tom Brady was a nerd. Tom Brady still is a nerd.

His path to sex symbol was eerily similar. His popularity on the field raised his visibility. It didn’t change his nerd. His 2 year relationship with Bridget Moynahan brought on a social transition from professional athlete to a lifestyle celebrity. Tom’s brand as sex symbol grew with each snap of the camera. But he was still plain old Tom. Anytime we saw him outside of Football, outside of his relationship, he didn’t look like an NFL MVP. He was a no rhythm, when will he stop dancing like that, nerd.

It was his Supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen that sealed the deal on Tom’s sex symbol status. She saw his potential and willingness to be molded. She took an NFL MVP and made him an all-world figure by association alone. From fashion to charisma, she reworked Tom’s “cover” while giving him the freedom to live out his natural demeanor. Tom Brady wears UGG’s of all things. Had to be Gisele’s doing. But in the end, he has his own signature Ugg boot out of it. Still a nerd, but Gisele’s nerd.


Ladies, that guy you see around town who shy up when you walk by, yes, the one that can’t talk in your presence but has his life in order… say hello to him. He might not say it back as quickly. Just give him the time to fight through his jitters. This is the guy who will put you on a pedestal. This is the guy who will allow you to mold him, to stand side by side with him. He was too shy to say hello. But if you give yourself to him, he won’t let you go. Find yourself a nerd. Find yourself a Tom Brady.

Will “Deshair” Foskey is the co-author of “The Relationship Guidebook” on Amazon Kindle. Change the culture, change the Relationships.