Ladies Of Crime Mob Working On Solo Projects

The ladies of Crime Mob,

Princess and Diamond, are branching out with their own set of projects under

the BME/Warner Bros. label, including a mixtape and a joint album.

Along with returning to work on the follow up to their debut Crime Mob,

the girls in the group say they've been juggling hectic schedules for years.

"We were forced to grow up very fast because we started at the ages of

14 and 15, in clubs on a Wednesday or Thursday night, going home at 3 or 4 in

the morning and waking up at 6 to have to go to school and then after school

going to the studio to record a song, and it's like that constantly," Princess

told of their grueling work schedule.

However, the frontline crunk females maintain they stay grounded.

"We're still in school, we want to balance out with our family and friends

and then we're trying to work. It's hard but we're grinding," added Diamond.

Crime Mob, which comprises of Diamond, Princess, Killa G., Cyco Black, Jock

and Lil' Jay, exploded onto the scene with their single "Knuck If You Buck."

Their self-titled debut gained critical acclaim, but the group failed to release

a follow-up due to managerial issues.

"A lot of people ask

us why we haven't come out with another single and if we're gonna be one hit

wonders," said Princess. "We had some problems with our first manager

legally. Our papers weren't legit [and] we were so naïve about the whole

situation that we didn't take it to an entertainment lawyer first."

The girls dismissed notions

of preferential treatment due to their breakout ventures and say the male group

members understand that it's all business.

"It's not nothing personal

in the group," said Princess. "The boys don't feel like 'Oh yall getting

attention', they help us to get where we are now, they're one of the reasons

why we where we at now."

Next month, the two will

drop their single, "[I'll Beat Yo A** In] Stilettos," and are scheduled

to shoot the video, with some familiar faces.

"We're trying to get

crazy cameos in it. It's going down real big," said Princess. "We

just seen Amerie, Lil' Mo, everybody's like 'We love "Stilettos"'

- big time."