Large Professor Still Live


Large Professor

headlined a performance in

Manhattan last Wednesday (April 19), with guests including Da

Cella Dwellas, El Da Sensi (The Artifacts), The Supafriendz (with

crew member Mad Skillz), and Mr. Complex. Although at times the

sound wasn't that great, the performances made up for any technical

difficulties. Da Cella Dwellas hit the stage and did a couple

of joints, Mr. Complex (Polyrhythmaddicts) wasn't scheduled to

perform but was pulled up on the stage, and he did some of his

cuts, Mad Skillz and The Supafriendz did some cuts (they are dropping

a group album on Rawkus), and El Da Sensi and Mad Skillz ripped

the mic.


Large Professor took to the stage with an array of keyboards,

including the Ensoniq and The MPC, and started his show rocking

set. His set included sampling and playing 45's, and playing some

older cuts. The world still waits for an album by The Large Professor,

it has been almost 8 years since he has released an album of his