Larry Davis Stabbed To Death In Prison

Former drug dealer/convicted murderer Larry Davis was stabbed to death in an Ulster County, New York prison last night (February 20).

Davis, who was serving a life sentence at the Shawangunk Correctional Facility, was serving a life for murdering another drug dealer.

Around 7:30 PM, another inmate stabbed Davis in the arms, legs, back, head and chest with 12-by-1 ½ metal shank.

He was pronounced dead a short time after the incident.

Davis, who was suspected of murdering 5 drug dealers, became a folk hero in New York, after he wounded a number of police during in an infamous shootout, when authorities attempted to apprehend him in 1986.

Davis eluded the authorities for 17-days, , claiming the New York Police Department set him up due to his knowledge about police corruption.

A nationwide manhunt ensued for 17 days. Davis was eventually captured and found guilty of murder and multiple weapons violations.

He was sentenced to 30 years in prison but soon ran afoul of the law again in 1991, when he murdered another drug dealer in prison, resulting in a life sentence.

Hip-Hop mogul/director Damon Dash was developing a picture based on Davis’ life, as was Mona Scott of Violator.

Those who came of age in the South Bronx recall stories of seeing Davis in the neighborhood.

According to Boogie Down Productions’ original member DJ D-Nice, Davis could display a vicious temper.

D-Nice, then 16-years-old, ran into Davis by chance one day, after he purchased a gold rope chain from the drug dealer’s cousin.

"A few days later, I heard a loud knock at my door. A knock like that could only have been one of two things, either the cops or someone planned on robbing us," D-Nice reminisced. "I slowly walked over to the door and looked through the peephole and was shocked to see that it was Larry. I immediately thought to myself, ‘Why the hell is he knocking at my door?’ So, with the door still closed, I said, "What's up Larry?" and he replied, ‘Open this f**king door and give me my motherfucking chain.’ ‘What chain?’ I asked, and he said, ‘The f**king chain my cousin stole from me and sold to you!’

D-Nice said he denied having the chain, but that didn’t appease the agitated Davis.

"The only thing that saved me was when my cousin Vanessa, whom I lived with, ran into Larry while he was walking back to his house," D-Nice continued. "He informed her that if I didn't return his jewelry, he was going to kill me. She rushed home crying and got the jewelry from me and returned it to him. A few weeks later, the NYPD hunt for Larry Davis began."