Laurie Ann Gibson Addresses Nightclub Brawl Rumors

Reports have circulated over the past few days implicating famed choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson in a nightclub brawl at Missy’s birthday party.

In an exclusive interview, the talented artist cleared up the rumors on her role in the fight that left a waitress injured and her makeup artist Deborah Padilla arrested.

“When I read the paper I was in shock,” Gibson explained to “I was with Missy having a great time and didn’t even know there was a fight. I found out later it was my makeup artist and I got to her the next day.”

Gibson criticizes the venue, Marquee nightclub, for allegedly not providing a safe environment for patrons to enjoy themselves.

“I really find it offensive that they are [allegedly] always doing something to my black sisters and brothers,” Gibson declared. “That club is a little extra in my opinion and it’s disappointing.”

The New York Post reported the fight stemmed from a waitress shoving Deborah Padilla in an attempt to get to rapper Busta Rhymes.

The alleged fight resulted in the waitress filing charges and Padilla being arrested for assault.

Gibson defended her friend’s response to the hostile situation.

“She (the waitress) pushed her and Deborah’s reaction was ‘I’m from Brooklyn, you’re not going to just be pressing up on me and disrespecting me’,” Gibson reasoned. “It was an unfortunate situation but I don’t roll with people who start trouble. She’s an amazing makeup artist and more importantly a strong black woman. It was just a case of someone feeling themselves at a nightclub and getting extra which happens all the time to a lot of us in entertainment.”

Laurie Ann Gibson released her first single earlier this year entitled “Addictive.”

Her Rodney Jerkins produced second single “Not Your Typical Girl” is due out later this year.

Gibson is known from her choreographical work on the Making the Band series and the film Honey.