Lauryn Hill Apologizes To Pittsburgh Fans For Being Two Hours Late and Promises Another Show

Mike Winslow


(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop star Lauryn Hill has blamed "factors out of our control" for showing up three hours late to a Tuesday night (January 31) show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Fugees star was set to hit the stage at Heinz Hall at 8pm, but the gig didn't start until after 11pm, when many frustrated ticket holders had already stormed out of the venue.

The singer/rapper has issued an apology for her tardiness, claiming bad weather had disrupted her bandmates' travel plans.

In a statement posted on, she wrote, "To my fans in Pittsburgh: We apologize for the extremely late start last night, there were factors out of our control.

"Due to the snow yesterday in NYC (New York City), half of my band, and some members of my crew, were stuck at LGA (LaGuardia) airport all day. After several cancelled and delayed flights throughout the day, they arrived late last night, and went straight to the venue for the show."

Hill admits "in hindsight" she should have made the decision to axe the gig and reschedule, but wanted to press on with the show for those who had waited patiently for her arrival.

Now the star is planning to stage another concert in Pittsburgh in the coming weeks to make it up to disgruntled fans.

She continued, "We are working on scheduling another performance in Pittsburgh later this month, before the end of the tour, for the people who bought tickets to my show last night. More details will be announced over the next few days. We look forward to seeing the fans in Pittsburgh again in a few weeks. Thank you for your understanding."

It's not the first time the 41-year-old has showed up hours late for a show - last year she was two hours late for a concert in Atlanta, Georgia.

She subsequently apologised, claiming her "perfectionist tendencies" had delayed the start of her performance.