Lauryn Hill Sues Cousin Over Unpaid Loan

Lauryn Hill does not play when it comes to her own cash.

(AllHipHop News) Singer Lauryn Hill is reportedly suing a family member for failing to repay a $65,000 loan.

The former Fugees star has slapped her cousin Gerald Hill with a breach of contract lawsuit for allegedly not holding up his end of a deal to repay the funds within a few months.

Lauryn gave Gerald the money in June, 2017 and agreed it would be interest-free if he paid off his debt in three months.

If he failed to give the cash back within that time, he would have to pay 10 per cent in interest.

Their agreement also stated that if Gerald defaulted, he would be responsible for the loan, lawyer's fees, and other costs the singer would incur with having to take him to court.

She is now seeking the loan amount, interest, and monetary damages.