Lawsuit Against Ja Rule Dropped; Contractor Fears For His Safety

The North Jersey contractor that won a default civil judgment against rapper Ja Rule has dropped his criminal complaint against the rapper, telling a judge that he feared for his safety.

Contractor Joel Tobia claimed the rapper only paid $5,000 of a $13,000 bill to fix a lead at his Saddle River, New Jersey mansion.

Tobia won a $8,000 civil judgment against JA Rule, after he failed to appear in court to answer the complaint.

According to The Record, Tobia also filed a criminal complaint, which he dropped yesterday.

"People are asking me, do you know what you are doing?" Tobia told Judge Roy F. McGeady. "I have two children. I am concerned. I hope you are reading between the lines."

Tobia said that he was not threatened or harassed, but said that he was extremely uncomfortable going forward with the criminal case.

Judge McGeady dismissed the criminal charges against the rapper, who did not appear in court yesterday.