Lawsuit Claims DMX Kept $6K Deposit Through Sham Company

The promoters of an upcoming boxing match that was to have featured rapper DMX, claim that in addition to backing out of the fight at the last minute, the rapper has failed to return a deposit.

Promoters also allege the DMX and his manager scammed them using a fake management company.

Thunder Promotions officially filed the lawsuit on November 20th in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County Alabama.

The $1 million dollar lawsuit claims that Built for War Management, Nakia Walker and DMX breached their contract with Thunder Promotions, when DMX backed out of the “Alabama Pride” boxing match taking place in Birmingham this December.

The rapper had been scheduled to fight actor/MMA fighter Eric Martinez on December 12th.

Thunder Promotions’ lawsuit states that although DMX accepted a $6,000 deposit to fight, he backed out of the match when they refused to guarantee his safety or fix the fight in his favor.

Promoters claims that seven days after they wired the rapper his $6000 deposit, his manager (Walker) contacted Thunder Promotions with demands to fix the right.

Thunder Promotions refused to agree to Walker’s demands.

According to the lawsuit DMX and his management have since failed to comply with a contractual agreement that they signed on September 25th.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims the rapper refuses to refund the $6000 payment.

Thunder Promotions claims Built For War management is a “sham company without capital, assets, stock or stock holders.”

The lawsuit claims that BFW was conceived and created by Walker and DMX to help avoid liability in regards to potential lawsuits.

Thunder Promotions is represented by William T. Fortune of Birmingham Alabama.

The company seeks general and special damages, punitive an exemplary damages of $1 million dollars and attorney fees and court costs.

Rapper Coolio has agreed to replace DMX and will fight Eric Martinez during Alabama Pride on December 12th.