Lawsuit Erupts Over Pac's 'Po N***a Bluez'

AllHipHop Staff

A lawsuit has erupted in federal court over a remixed track of the song “Po N***a Bluez” by rapper Tupac Shakur.

Plaintiff Joseph Flowers raps under the name The Govenor.

The rapper claims he was the sole author of “Po N***a Bluez,” which was originally recorded in 1990 and released on his 1995 album Floss Mode.

Flowers is suing over a remixed version of the original track which appeared on Shakur’s hit 2004 posthumous album Loyal To the Game.

The remixed version of the track was produced by Scott Storch and featured Isley Brothers lead singer, Ron Isley.

Flowers lawsuit claims that he is the sole owner of the original version of the track, which he claims is almost identical to his 1995 version, which incorporates a sample The Delegations’ 1979 track “Oh Honey.”

He did not discover the remixed version, which is track 14 until March of 2008.

Flowers claims Interscope and Universal Records have copied, used, sold, promoted and profited from his work, without any credit or compensation given.

The rapper is suing for copyright infringement.

Flowers seeks an immediate injunction to halt sales of the album with the infringing work and statutory and punitive damages.