Lawsuit Filed By Former Bad Boy Exec Tossed

An appeals court ruled

in favor of Sean “Diddy” Combs yesterday (Jan. 11) in Manhattan Supreme

Court, tossing a civil lawsuit filed by former Bad Boy Entertainment executive

Kirk Burrowes.

Burrowes filed a $25 million

lawsuit against Combs , claiming the CEO of Bad Boy was also head of a violent

group of thugs dubbed “The Enterprise” that forced him out of a

stake in Bad Boy Entertainment.

The former Bad Boy executive

claimed that Combs threatened him with threats of physical violence using a

baseball bat and forced him to relinquish a 25% interest in Bad Boy Entertainment.

Burrowes also claimed that

Combs thwarted a management deal he had in place with hit R&B singer Mary

J. Blige and that Combs never followed through with a profit-sharing agreement.

The lawsuit garnered significant

amounts of press in 2003, when Burrowes claimed “The Enterprise”

was responsible for the murders of Suge Knight affiliate Jake Robles in 1995

and later Tupac Shakur in 1996.

Combs immediately shot down

the allegations, as did a judge in 2003, when the lawsuit was dismissed because

of a "limitless number of deficiencies."

"The allegations are

pure fantasy," Combs told shortly after Burrowes filed the

initial lawsuit. "Kirk Burrowes hasn't been employed (with Bad Boy) for

seven years and now he makes up a fictional story for financial gain. He should

be ashamed of himself.”

Burrowes appealed the decision,

but yesterday an appeals court ruled that the allegations, which are almost

10-years-old, are too old for the case to proceed.

Burrowes was later charged

in August of 2004 with laundering $1 million dollars in drug money through a

bogus company known as Gutter Keys.

He was freed on

a $250,000 bond and claimed he was setup by an informant with faulty information.