Lawsuit Over Botched Lil Wayne Concert Says Discrimination Resulted In Too Much Security

AllHipHop Staff

The promoters of the "Fall Ball" in South Carolina have filed a lawsuit against the Colonial Life Arena for trying to make Lil Wayne go through security.

(AllHipHop News) The fall out over a botched Lil Wayne concert in South Carolina continues.

Lil Wayne was supposed to perform at the Colonial Life Arena on September 30, but his "Fall Ball" performance was canceled when he refused to walk through metal detectors during a security check.

Colonial Life initially promised fans refunds, but promoters of the show protested, saying Lil Wayne was never advertised as the headliner since artists like Cardi B. and 2 Chainz were also on the bill.

Now the battle is in court, where a judge temporarily halted the refunds for the concert, to further investigate the case.

A lawsuit filed by the promoters, All For One Inc., claims officials at Colonial Life Arena do not require most performers go through metal detectors.

All For One Inc claims they organized the metal detectors on their own, but overzealous officials at Colonial Life Arena insisted Wayne had to go through the metal detectors.

The lawsuit claims the security check was excessive only because “the event involved hip-hop artists and likely would result in a large minority audience.“

All For One Inc claims subjecting an artist as big as Lil Wayne to the “indignity of the metal detection process“ in public view was enough to ruin the rapper’s performance.

Lil Wayne showed up on time and even waited for an hour, before he finally left.

The lawsuit also claims Colonial Life Arena offered refunds for the show without the consent of all for one, which resulted in “a firestorm of dissatisfaction and confusion.“
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Oh so its discriminatiion and not the fact that there are a lot of gang members, criminal activities and even shooting at these kind of rap concerts. I Get it.