Lawsuit Over Funkmaster Flex's Police Escort Thrown Out Of Court

The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey is in the clear in a lawsuit involving Funkmaster Flex

(AllHipHop News) The Mayor of Newark, New Jersey is in the clear after he was sued for wasting taxpayers' money on Funkmaster Master Flex.

A group of citizens filed a lawsuit against Mayor Ras Baraka, after they saw footage of Funkmaster Flex receiving a police escort from New York, to Newark New Jersey on April 9.

The citizens claimed the Mayor wasted their money to bring Flex from New York to New Jersey, but a judge dismissed the lawsuit.

The judge threw the case out of court after the Mayor proved he had not acted inappropriately in providing Funkmaster Flex with the $200 escort.

"We've picked up authors, reverend, pastors, the president of the United States, all kinds of people," he said. "The problem was it was a private event, which was why we paid for it. So the judge said, 'Don't do that,' so we're not. He made a decision he felt was right, and we're going to abide by it."

The judge did order the Mayor to stop providing police escorts for private events from now on.


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