Lawyer, CEO Respond To Rapper Drug Speculation

Carol Dorsey, CEO of Chopper City Records, has

responded to speculation that B.G., former rapper for Cash Money Records, has

been incarcerated for illegal drug use. Dorsey, who said she is also B.G.'s

aunt, stated emphatically that the New Orleans rhymesayer is not in jail and

no longer using drugs.

"On false charges on him about possession

of heroin, he is not facing jail time," Dorsey told, stressing

that the company and surrounding family are dedicated to keeping the rapper

focused. "His health comes first - check his family background. We are

very supportive of him on keeping him clean."

BG's attorney, Kendall Minter also reaffirmed

that Cash Money Records does not own the name B.G. and that the rapper prompted

the change to his new moniker, B. Gizzle, which will be used in future recordings

with Koch Records. "The Koch A & R staff is presently and actively

working with BG and the label to complete BG's next album which will be released

shortly on Koch," he said to "The marketing and promotion

plans have already been commenced and are in the next stage of planning. Hakim's

album will be the second album to be released."

Dorsey also expressed deep concern with the general

treatment of B.G., who she said is currently drug-free. "People continuing

on trying to bring a brother down, who had a problem [with drugs] and now [is]

working and continuing to stay clean.

The rapper's label, Chopper City Records, is

distributed via Koch and B.G.'s own album, A Livin' Legend, is slated

to hit stores November 12. The double album is expecting to feature 22 songs

and offer enhanced features. B.G.'s younger brother Hakim is scheduled to release

the second album in the new deal due out in April 2003.