Lawyer For Lil' Kim Responds To Songwriters Lawsuit

Representatives for Lil' Kim have come forward to deny allegations she swindled two songwriters out of royalties for writing several songs for the rapper.

Kim's being represented by noted entertainment attorney L. Londell McMillan, who shot down the charges levied against his client.

Anthony Jefferies and Vincent Hart filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Lil' Kim, claiming they were never compensated for ghostwriting several songs on Kim's La Bella Mafia album, including her hit single "The Jump Off."

"The lawsuit is malicious and frivolous," McMillan said. "Both of these individuals signed written agreements and were paid in full by Atlantic Records. We will vindicate her legal rights in this matter."

McMillan said the two men were looking to break an agreement they signed with Atlantic Records and seek additional money from Lil' Kim.

In the lawsuit, the men alleged that they were promised $15,000 each.

They claimed that instead of cash, they received $10,000 worth of jewelry, which was later taken back "under threat of physical harm."

"Lil' Kim and her representatives have never made any threats to anyone. These allegations are absurd."

Lil' Kim is currently awaiting sentencing, after being convicted of perjury and conspiracy charges.

A federal grand jury found the rapper guilty of lying about her knowledge of a broad daylight shooting in front of New York's Hot 97 in 2001.

She faces up to 20 years when she is sentenced on June 24th.