Lawyer Says ICE's Top Leaders Refuse To Release 21 Savage

It looks like 21 Savage may have to go to trial just to get out of prison.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Free 21 Savage is real.

Even at last night’s LVRN Grammy party in Los Angeles, the DJ made sure to have everyone chat “Free 21!” before dropping his standout record with J. Cole titled “a lot.”

While there still has not been much of any positive updates, 21’s lawyer stated: “The only reason ICE can detain somebody is if he's a flight risk, which he clearly is not.”

His lawyer Charles Kuck made an appearance on "AM Joy" and said several statements that made him believe that ICE had been targeting him since August.

"They didn't understand what they were starting when they arrested 21 Savage and what that really is going to mean to the immigrant and black community," Charles Kuck said.

According to Kuck, he has learned that leaders at the highest levels of ICE have made a decision to refuse to release 21 Savage under any condition.

Now, they will take their fight to an immigration court in hopes of getting a trial to free 21.

21 Savage has been in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after he was detained on Sunday, February 3 in Atlanta.

Police claim the rap star is actually British national who is in the United States illegally since his Visa expired in 2005.

To complicate the case, the cops claim 21 Savage had a loaded Glock with an extended magazine in the Dodge Challenger he was driving when he was stopped.

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It should be no different then how we treat other immigrants, this nigga carrying a glock really puts an end to it, i still think he will get off