Lawyer, Suspected Gang Leader Charged With Trying To Influence Turk Case

A Memphis, Tennessee attorney and a suspected

gang leader were charged with numerous offenses after authorities allege the

men tried to influence a number of high profile cases, including the case of

rapper Tab "Turk" Virgil, Jr.Scott Crawford, 34, and lawyer for Virgil, was charged with conspiracy,

bribery, possession of crack cocaine, possession of an illegal handgun and obstruction

of justice.Suspected gang leader Jeffery Holliday, 33, is

facing the same charges. Authorities claim Holliday is a member of the Gangster

Disciples. Crawford, who has served as a special judge in

General Sessions Court, allegedly used gang members as part of his security

detail for years, according to an affidavit.Crawford and Holliday are charged with attempting

to bribe Memphis police Lt. Jeff Clark to ensure that Virgil was not indicted

by a state grand jury on attempted murder charges.Crawford and Holliday approached the officer

last month and the officer immediately began a sting operation. In addition to the Virgil case, Crawford and

Holliday allegedly gave the officer almost a half-ounce of crack and a 9MM handgun

with a scratched off serial number, attempting to set-up a rival gang member.During the trial on Monday, Crawford attempted

to keep the gang leader of out prison by saying that Holliday had cooperated

with police on a number of high profile cases.Virgil was charged with attempted murder in January,

after officers raiding a Memphis, Tennessee were greeted by a barrage of gunfire. S.W.A.T. team officer Chris Harris was shot

three times, in the jaw, hip and leg, while another officer was shot in the

neck. The second officer may have been hit by friendly fire.

Virgil has denied that he shot either of the

officers. "I've never shot a police [officer], I've

never owned a gun, I've never seen a gun," Virgil said.