Lawyers After Diddy Over Possible J-Lo Sex Tape

(AllHipHop News) Sean “Diddy” Combs’ previous relationship with Jennifer Lopez may soon come under lawyer scrutiny courtesy of a lawsuit from Lopez’s ex-husband Ojani Noa.

Noa is embroiled in a contentious court case with Lopez over his intention to release his own tape of the actress kissing a woman and engaging in lap dances.

Noa has maintained the footage is not overtly sexual, but his ex-wife filed an injunction against its release, claiming the footage is “private and personal.”

Noa’s business manager Ed Meyer wants Combs to testify in order to verify if a sex tape exists between the pair.

The purpose is to show a distinct difference between the content of his client’s footage and the possible Combs/Lopez tape.

“Ojani's footage is not a sex tape,” Meyer explained to the NY Post. “In addition to kissing women, there are points where she's lap dancing [with] Ojani [and others]. All with her clothes on. We're trying to establish that it's not a sex tape and therefore usable in Ojani's movie.We will ask: Is there a sex tape between [him] and Lopez, and what does it involve?"

Lopez’s lawyer Jay Lavely vehemently denied the rumor of a sex tape, chastising Meyer’s comments as irresponsible.

"Ed Meyer's comments are false and ridiculous. Ms. Lopez will be completely vindicated on her claims in this matter,” he stated.

Jennifer Lopez failed to secure an arbitration motion, resulting in another hearing. At press time, the next date court will be on March 4.