Lawyers For Rosa Parks, BMG, To Talk Settlement

Lawyers for Rosa Parks

and representatives for BMG will finally come to the table in a settlement meeting

scheduled to take place this month.

According to Parks’

lawyer Gregory Reed, the settlement talks are aimed at ending a five-year-old

dispute over Outkast’s hit song “Rosa Parks,” from their platinum

1998 album Aquemini.

Parks sued Outkast’s

parent label, German corporate giant BMG, claiming that the company was profiting

off of her name, which is a registered trademark.

The lawsuit also

alleges the conglomerate defamed her name and legacy as a Civil Rights

pioneer for African-Americans.

In the ongoing

saga surrounding the dispute, Parks’ nieces have been excluded from providing

testimony about the case due to credibility issues.

In October, a press

release was issued on behalf of Parks’ family, stating that they sided

with Outkast.

“These lawsuits

are only about money and they [Reed and her caregiver Elaine Steele] are trying

to acquire it from Outkast," the statement read.

Read said the judges

decision bolstered his earlier denial of the families accusations.

“They didn’t

see that they were valid or credible,” Reed told “This

is major, because they were using this as a platform to create a media frenzy

and the court felt this was an abuse of Mrs. Parks. BMG has been hiding behind


Reed reiterated

that Outkast was not the focus of the lawsuit. He defended himself saying “I

don’t blame the family, I just think there is lack of understanding and

they don’t know what the facts are.”

Those facts and

more are expected to be revealed if the case goes to trial January 10, 2005.

Parks is being

defended by some of the most powerful attorneys. Johnny Cochran, Willie Gary,

Richard Manson and Stephanie Hammonds will defend the 91 year-old Parks, who

cannot take the stand due to her age.