Lawyers For YRN Respond to Migos False Allegations As Legal War Escalates

AllHipHop Staff

Lawyers for a well-known designer are shooting down reports their client breached a deal with Migos.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Kleinberg Kaplan, a law firm in New York, has stepped in to defend YRN LLC, the urban clothing manufacturer who was accused by the Migos, for breaching their contract.

The Atlanta trio owns a quarter (25%) of the company and according to their agreement, YRN would acquire their trademark for apparel and accessories.

Since the group’s first album, Yung Rich Nation, they have started selling their own separate line of merch, which meant they violating their contract.

Recent sources have quoted the “Bad & Boujee” artists calling YRN a “former partner,” even though the contract that both parties signed have remained intact since 2015.

Martin D. Sklar, a partner at Kaplan, stated: “Unfortunately Migos has chosen to compound its outrageous violation of its agreement with YRN with unfounded claims.

For the record, Migos is actually a current member of YRN, and not a 'former partner,' and continues to fail to cooperate with YRN in promoting the brand as required. YRN has paid Migos every dollar of what Migos is owed and has provided all required statements.  

Incredibly, Migos, having licensed its name to another company for competing clothing in direct violation of a key clause of YRN's operating agreement, now claims that YRN had no right to manufacture many of the same items that Migos band members can be seen wearing in various photographs and videos."

He goes on to call the counterclaims from Migos “plain silly.”