Lawyers Seek To Block Release Of Alleged Trina "Sex Tape"

Lawyers for Trina issued a cease and desist order

to a website that claimed to have a videotape of the rapper engaged in sex acts.

The website is hawking the tapes, which allegedly

has a younger Trina in the video for $9.95.

"We do not know whether the photographs

or video footage contained in this video are, in fact, of our client. What we

do know is that our client has not authorized the release of these photographs

or this video footage," Trina's lawyer Bernard Resnick told"Trina

has not authorized, nor does she intend to authorize, any such release, which

she believes violate her intellectual property rights, trademark and servicemark

rights, copyrights, name and likeness rights, right of privacy, and right of


Resnick ordered that the man who owns the website,

a Dustin Fair, immediately cease and desist from any further advertising of

the videotape as well as turning over the source that provided Fair with the

"person(s) or entity that was the source of this video and delivered, licensed,

loaned and/or sold it to you."

As of press time, the website brazenly moved

the "release date" of the tape up to May 15th, and even said that

copies would be sold on DVD and AVI computer format.

All references to Trina have been removed from

the website.

Fair could not be reached for comment