Layla Lace Accuses Drake Of Having A Weird Spitting Sexual Fetish In Complaint

AllHipHop Staff

Drake has already been cleared, but Layla Lace is back with more accusations.

(AllHipHop News) Drake paid off one of his sexual assault accusers, in an apparent attempt to do some damage control over charges he raped a woman.

But the sordid allegations made by Layla Lace have come out in a separate lawsuit she filed against the lawyer who represented her in the civil lawsuit against the Toronto rapper.

Layla, born Laquana Morris, is suing her former lawyer Alex Cabereiras for supposedly duping her into settling the court out of case for $350,000, of which the lawyer received $125,000.

After his fees, Layla claims she was left with $75,000 and a bad reputation.

In new legal docs obtained by The Blast, she says the statement her lawyer agreed to release regarding the allegations against Drake made the rapper look like the victim.

In the legal docs, Layla says that is far from the case and detailed the incident in question, which apparently took place in June of 2017 in Manchester, England.

In the latest complaint, Layla insisted Drizzy has a fetish for oral sex and spitting and even dumped a cup of saliva on her face.

"It wasn't your ordinary oral it was more so a fetish where he measured a cup and demanded that I spit in the cup until he had measured it. Afterward, he dumped the spit on my face repeating, 'I wanna see your face messy,'" Layla wrote.

The cops in Manchester already investigated Layla's claims and decided there was not enough evidence to pursue a case against Drake.

Drake then struck back with a counter-suit of his own, declaring the whole thing was an extortion attempt and that Layla gave him oral sex voluntarily.

In addition to the $350,000, the pair also signed an agreement which was supposed to prevent Layla Lace from making any defamatory statements against Drake on her Instagram or other social media accounts.

Layla alleges she signed the settlement agreements out of distress because she was in the hospital from a suicide attempt, after the negative publicity the case received.

"Drake right now has everyone thinking that he is the victim and that he didn't pay for what he did to me," Layla Lace wrote to the cops in a new request to have police re-open an investigation into the rapper and her attorney.

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Let's see Act like a groupie Thot with a superstar, get treated like what you are acting like, get mad, make embarrassing claims against the star whether true or not, sue because you want a come up, don't get as much as you want, sue again. Welcome to the time's we are living in! If she'd ended up with $500,000 we would have never ever heard this story! I don't remember the 1st case probably because I don't give a rats ass about Aubrey. LOL


Lmao....She mad she gobbled Frale up and didn't get that bag....Come on now she trying hard to get that bag...lmao it is what it is girl....