League of Pissed Off Voters Gives Tips For Election Day

A record number of hip-hop

heads are expected to cast their votes Tuesday—a historic enrollment that

may swing the presidential election against Republican incumbent George Bush.

But William "Upski"

Wimsatt, Director of The League of Pissed-Off Voters, has a message for hip-hop

voters: Don’t forget the other 90% of the ballot.

"Most of us go to vote

for President,” Upski told AllHipHop.com. “Then we look at the rest

of the ballot like it’s a surprise question on a pop quiz.”

The political activist

said many hip-hop voters often neglect local offices up for appointment.

According to Upski, these

local races are crucial since many are determined by a few hundred votes or


“We can move those

types of numbers,” said Upski. “That’s the next level of the


He and the League of Pissed-Off

Voters researched elections throughout the country to offer hip-hop voters a

useful resource—a guide covering local races from over 70 cities in 28


The voter guide also provides

information on finding local polling locations and is available for download

on indyvoter.org.

“These shiesty politicians

are about to be fired–judges, school board, state reps, the whole nine,”

Upski declared. “They are not ready for the hip-hop generation to come

to the polls and flex our muscle in local races.”

Upski further recommended

first-time voters to set an alarm and arrive early when lines are short on Election


Voters should also carry

ID and proof of address to be safe, and print additional copies of the voter

guide for others.

“Bring music [because]

you might have to wait in line,” Upski advised. “We're going to

turn Tuesday, November 2 into one gigantic block party.”

Upski also urged voters

to call 1-866-OUR-VOTE should they need legal assistance.