Leaked Kanye West Freestyles Set Off Worries About Rapper's Health

AllHipHop Staff

Forbes magazine scored an interview with Kanye West, which has people questioning his sanity again.

(AllHipHop News) With all of the talk about his presidential bid, work as an Off-Broadway producer, his deals with Adidas and the GAP, his work in ministry and just trying to keep up with his Kardashian-paced life, sometimes forget that underneath all of that acumen is a boy from Chicago that expresses himself through Hip-Hop.

This is why Yeezy, during his four-hour interview with Forbes, occasionally broke into rhyme when the subject matter got intense and the vibrations were high.

Check out some of the knowledge that he spit, probably off the dome. #ChitownStandUp

First, he addressed the thuggish-ruggish 2020 COVID-19 pandemic — and the hate that it gives to the world.

Kanye raps, “This is what the COVID list made, all this hate. All this hate, Look at what the COVID list made. All this pain. Tried to keep us quiet caused riots. Look at what the COVID list made.”

In this particular freestyle, he shouted out his in-laws Kris Kardashian and Rob. He suggested that we change our diets, by considering a new “meal” plan, humanity will then get up on God’s real plan that he is a “real fan” of. 

He also spoke about Pope Francis’s ability to speak 27 languages, even as there is only one language that matters: the language of love. He also spoke about someone hiding in a bunker … could that be a shot at the president? During the George Floyd demonstrations, it was shared by various news outlets that President Trump was hiding in his bunker, afraid that protesters would take the White House.

His next bit started by references Rob Kardashian, Sr. and O.J. Simpson. After sharing how happy he was as a child that O.J. was acquitted, he references one of the ten commandments, “Thou Shall Not Kill” to support his belief that government-sanctioned executions are still a form of unlawful murder in God’s eyes. He then started to recite lyrics from his latest song, “Wash Us in The Blood” featuring Travis Scott. Interestingly enough, *F**orbes* did not pick up on the remix of his song, to prove his point.

Rounding out the trilogy of creative thought is a poetic conversation on “dirt, the earth, and God’s turf.” He advocated for rebirth and even shouted out Damien Hirst.

At the end of the last rhyme, he shared with the interviewer that he had “way more” rhymes stored around his beliefs. The world cannot wait to hear what the great Ye’ dares to share. Each time he breaks stuff down, we become clearer the way we should all go.

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I can agree with you BigFax, some of the article areas are quite hard to understand due to the usage of wrong phrases in the lines. But, as a whole, I can understand the story the writer is trying to share with us.

He used the quotes for what Kanye West has said during the interview, and that's well done to help us readers get the insights of the session.

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Who wrote this shitty ass article?lmfao. Is English their 1, 2 or 5th language? Sheesh.