Lebanese Man Says U.S. Troops Used Rap As Torture

A Lebanese man that said he went on a pilgrimage to Islamic holy sites in Iraq and was instead detained by U.S. troops, alleges the troops used loud rap music to torture him.Mohammed Jaber said an Iraqi cab driver handed him and three friends over for $100, claiming they were fighters for Saddam Hussein's fallen regime."We said we came only to visit the holy sites in Kerbala," Jaber told Reuters. "They didn't torture us physically, but they did psychologically by raising the volume of rap music all day until it became unbearable and by withholding food."Jaber said that it could have been worse for him, so he kept his complaining to a minimum."I mean I like rap," Jaber continued. "Just imagine them playing jazz."Jaber and seven other detainees, three of whom were seriously injured after stepping on a land mine while cleaning a field of debris for U.S. soldiers, were freed last week.Jaber said he was held with hundreds of other foreigners, all accused of battling U.S. forces.