Lecrae To Help Set Up Portable Hand Washing Stations For Atlanta's Homeless

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"Partnering with Love Beyond Walls is my way of doing what Jesus did which is serve humanity."

(AllHipHop News) The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing people to take part in social distancing in order to slow down the spread of the contagious disease. While the society is at a virtual standstill, individuals and organizations are still working to assist the less fortunate.

Grammy-winning rapper Lecrae is teaming with Love Beyond Walls to establish portable hand washing stations around the Atlanta metro area for homeless and displaced people. Medical experts insist regular hand washing is an essential way to combat coronavirus.

The initiative kicks off today (March 19) at Love Beyond Wall’s Center in College Park, Georgia. Lecrae will be at the location at 10 am to assemble the sinks. They will then be filled with water, loaded on trucks, and distributed to key locations frequented by the homeless in metropolitan Atlanta.


"I’ve been following COVID-19 quite intently since it’s become a pandemic and first and foremost, I want to remind people THIS IS NOT THE END!” says Lecrae in a statement. “While we can heed The Center For Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation to stay away from others who are sick, avoid crowds, and properly wash our hands, I can’t help but think about those living on the street who have no way to bathe or wash their hands."

He continues, "People who may eat, sleep, and congregate so close to each other that social distancing is not possible. Partnering with Love Beyond Walls is my way of doing what Jesus did which is serve humanity. I’m humbled to support the work of organizations like Love Beyond Walls who help, serve, bring light, love, peace, and restoration every day."

Terence Lester, executive director of Love Beyond Walls, states, “We’re excited to have Lecrae be involved with our work at Love Beyond Walls because he understands the importance of restoring the community and affirming the dignity of those who are unseen. Lecrae understands that it takes both faith and action to provide real restoration in our communities and world. Jesus washed feet, now we have an opportunity to wash hands and provide that same type of restoration in a modern way.”